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FOCUS GmbH manufactures Micro Electron Beam Welder (MEBW-60) and Laser in Vacuum (LaVa) machines for ultimate precision in joining and surface modification down to the μm-range - an ideal tool for sensor technology, aerospace industry and micro drilling.

The MEBW-60 has 2 kilowatt power (60 kV) and 25 micron beam focus. Beam navigation is realized with a 25 μm scanning electron microscopy mode. The beam current can be controlled in 15μA steps for ultimate power control and delicate joining processes.

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FOCUS LaVa is the acronym for laser welding under vacuum and combines the strength of the laser with the vacuum environment.

MEBW-60 L8

The standard version of the MEBW-60 L8 is equipped with a compact working chamber and turning chuck mounted on a CNC driven z-axis. The outer work piece dimensions can range from approx. ø 3 mm up to ø 135 mm.

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MEBW-60 L95

The extended version MEBW-60 L95 is equipped with a CNC driven x/y table. It has a larger chamber which allows for workpiece dimensions of up to 300 x 250 x 200 mm and a x/y travel range of ± 75 mm.

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LaVa is the acronym for Laser welding under Vacuum and combines the strength of the laser with the vacuum environment.

Reduced pressure operation around 1 mbar allows for deep penetration welding and a significant reduction of spatters to nearly zero. Cu, Ti and many more materials can be welded with LaVa on an EB performance level which now becomes available for magnetic und insulating materials as well.

LaVa is available including a laser or configured to be used with an existing laser.

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MEBW-60 L135 - Micro Electron Beam Welding meets Productivity
The most recent version of the MEBW-60 family, the L135, is a unique tool combining precise electron beam power control down to the µm-range with high productivity and ultimate flexibility.

The MEBW-60 L135 is equipped with either a CNC driven bottom mounted x/y table or with a side mounted rotary manipulator. Conversion from a large single-drum into a six-drum rotary manipulator for high throughput and batch processing is very convenient. The optional egun-shift solution allows for maximum positioning flexibility. Workpiece observation is realized with the unique FOCUS SEM Mode “Scan & View” or by traditional optical means using a camera/lens system combination. A low maintenance pumping system with high pumping speed allows for very fast turnaround cycles.

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