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About us

PSTproducts GmbH is the market leader for industrial state of the art Electromagnetic Pulse Technology (EMPT) machine systems and for the implementation of the EMPT in industrial manufacturing processes. PSTproducts was the first company in the world to develop reliable EMPT welding and forming machine systems, ready for high-volume productions. The great number of machine installations worldwide underlines the robustness of our innovative technology. High-strength welds can be made between metallic materials such as aluminum, steel, copper etc., as well as between metals and non-metals without touching the work pieces and without heat input.

We are pleased to inform you about our innovative welding technology, services and the implementation of our machine systems in the industrial world.

Products and services

  • Market leader for industrial EMPT systems 
  • Manufacture of state of the art joining solutions with absolutely durable components
  • multiple welds and joinings with one pulse in 25s
  • long welds (2000mm) in 25s Experienced with customers

specific solutions and joining automatization Typical Battery related products:

  • busbar conection welding (AL / AL and AL / CU)
  • prismatic- and round cell housing welding
  • pouch cells
  • foil welding
  • battery frames
  • welding of dissimilar material up to 2m length
  • contactless
EMPT applications

EMPT applications

EMPT Sheet welding, forming and crimping at a seat structure and a spaceframe

News & Innovations

Weld the unweldable 

PSTproducts GmbH provides Electromagnetic Pulse Technology (EMPT) systems since 2003 and is recognized and the market leader for industrial EMPT solutions and manufacturing cells and its automatization.

Focused on automotive. E-mobility and lightweight sectors we offer specific joining solutions especially in welding dissimilar material combinations.

EMPT fundamentals:
According to the physical law of Lorentz force, a varying magnetic field which is applied in the joint region interacts with the induced counter flowing eddy currents in the electric conductive workpiece. So the material gets accelerated by electromagnetics forces during a less than 50s and can be used for welding, crimping, forming, cutting and compressing of technical products with highest demands.

For EMPT welding materials like aluminum and copper are preferred due to their high electric conductivity.


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